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"I’ve talked in depth with Frank about his passion for Photography and I’m always impressed by his artistic approach to the current project he’s working on. His portfolio speaks volumes, but his creativity and resourcefulness is distinctive and successful. I highly recommend Frank to display his talent." 

- Liz Fierro, Project Manager Creative Services, ESPN New York

"One would hope that all photographers have an appreciation for beauty - Frank certainly does - but what distinguishes his work from others' is that he integrates his appreciation for beauty with a business perspective to produce a salable work of art. I am continually impressed with Frank's work and can highly recommend him for fashion photography and portraiture through my own experience (though he is probably well-equipped to deliver many other kinds of photography with the same level of excellence)."

- Stephanie Benar, Head of Marketing at Gryphon San Francisco

"Frank is a wonderful photographer, eager to work, very genuine, and extreemly clients have always been beyond satisfied!

- Ingrid Dodd, CEO Dodd Public Relations 






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