Stop with the hand on the hip pose!

Ladies, for crying out loud stop putting your hands on your
hips! Especially when you’re out with friends taking group photo’s, or a solo
shot. I feel like this post is 5 yrs late!

Like a wild fire in the Santa Ana winds it has spread
everywhere. You know what I’m talking about. You see it on Facebook, Instagram,
Twitter and just about every Phi Delta something sorority photo out there. I’m
not sure when this started but if you look back to pictures taken in the 90’s
you won’t find this pose. I’d be willing to bet that most women who do this
have become so accustomed to it that it’s in every single picture they take. It’s
like a reflex. Is that how you want to look back on all those photo’s years
from now? I see it all the time. Whether it’s taking a cell phone picture or
working with a client it’s the first thing they do.  

I hate to tell you ladies but putting your hands on your hip
when posing can be down right ridiculous looking and in addition to making you
look snobby can make you look insecure or bitchy. Of course there are
exceptions but for the most part it’s true. If you’re not a super model walking
the runway a celebrity or actress showing off a gown at a red carpet event
don’t do it. You’re not Kendall Jenner posing for the paparazzi. Ask yourself
the next time you see this does this look natural? Does it show the person off
in the best possible way? I think more often then not the answer will be no. 

When Kendall Jenner or some celebrity are posing with friends, family or taking selfies you won’t see this pose. Most women are under the
impression that the hand-on-the-hip pose accentuates the figure, makes one look
skinnier and is a feminine pose. First of all, it does not and is not.
Secondly, what happened to being yourself instead of conforming to what everyone else thinks is a popular pose? Why must all photos look identical when each person
in them is so inherently different?

So what makes a good pose? Let’s start with just simply
being you and smiling. Get the idea of putting your hand on your hip out of
your head. Get the thought of “does this pose make me look fat (or skinny) out
of your head”. Again, be yourself. Let your personality come through. Here are
a few tips that might make you look better in a pose. Keep one or two in mind during
your next night out with friends or at your next event but remember it’s all
about looking natural and being you. On the bottom of the page you’ll see some fun examples. 

1. Try turning your body on a slight angle away from
the camera and put your weight on your back foot. Turn your head towards the
camera. It’s ok to turn your head at a slight angle too but don’t do the
peak-a-boo with the eye furthest from the camera. You have two eyes. They both
should be visible in the picture. Use good posture, don’t slouch.

2. Casually cross your ankles. Not the I have to pee stance. Gently, casually. 

3.  Don’t always follow the group. Try turning
the opposite direction as the person next to you. Lean into them a little. Get

4.  Don’t force a smile, don’t fake it. Try your
best to smile naturaly. You don’t always need to give a big toothy smile
either. A confident grin goes a long long way and can be extremely attractive. Don’t
be so serious, laugh if you want to. It shows what a good time your having.

5. Put a hand in a jacket pocket, clutch
your bag or cross one arm over your body creating a 90 degree angle and place
that hand on the other arm. Bring your hands together in front of you. If hanging your arms keep your palms turned in towards you. 

6. Don’t be afraid to touch someone, give a
friend a hug or just turn towards them and put a hand on their shoulder. Are
you having fun? Make it look that way.

7. Repeat….make it look natural, be you, be
original and stop putting your hands on your hips!

Note: If you feel a need to hide any
imperfections or access body fat on your arms don’t press your arm against your body. Try bending your arms (or front arm) only slightly and away from your body so
it’s not pressing against your body. 

If your worried about any under the chin
issues you think you might have try pressing your tongue on the roof of your
mouth when smiling and push your chin ‘slightly’ towards the camera. Pressing
your tongue on the roof of your mouth tightens the muscles under your chin. 

photos courtesy getty images via Style Caster: 

5 tips to help prepare for your shoot.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional model, an actor, musician, a family or an individual who wants pictures for their dating profile. Their are certain things you should do in preparation for your photoshoot that will make your experience and the results something you’ll be happy with for a lifetime. Below are 5 very basic tips for doing that. I don’t care who you are, one of the most important, most essential things anyone should do is rest. Do not underestimate the importance of a good nights sleep. Relax, go to bed early. DO NOT go out partying. Do not show up on set or on location hungover, looking like a dirty tired old wet sock, or just plan unmotivated. Trust me, not only will you kill the buzz of the shoot for everyone involved but you will see it in the results.
If you’re not working with a clothing stylist then all you intend to wear should be laid out, clean and ironed a day or two prior to your shoot. Do be sure they are lint and hair free. Leave the cat hair at home and take care when transporting them to your shoot. I can’t tell you how many clients I stress this to yet they still show up with wrinkled old dirty clothes. A lot of time and care is spent on commercial shoots prepping and styling clothes to ensure they look the best. It should be no different for individuals.
While still on the subject of clothing I feel a need to make this it’s own bullet point. Your wardrobe should compliment your face not detract from it. Do not choose clothes with large busy prints and loud vibrant colors, . also, no logos. Loud colors usually command the viewer’s attention, etc. It’s important you discuss wardrobe with your photographer and or agent before the shoot.
Unless you’re a rock band or working with a team of professional stylists be groomed. For women, any grooming should be done a few days prior to your shoot. Repeat, a few days. Do not get a facial and your eyebrows tweezed the night before. Men should get a haircut a week prior to the shoot. If you wish to have a few ‘rough’ shots and then shave to include a few shots with a smoother look, please bring your shaving kit. Both men and women should have clean nails. Women should not wear colors that distract from their face, hair and clothes. No vibrant nail colors. Make up should be discussed with your photographer.
On the morning of your shoot EAT! It’s important not to go hungry during the shoot. You need your energy. You don’t want to crash. If it’s a commercial shoot don’t count on catering. Ask if their will be craft services. If not, eat prior to arriving or bring something with you.
Although their are other tips and advise that can be given these 5 basics will definitely help make your experience a good one. Believe it or not I have had clients show up tired, hangover, unkept, hungry AND with wrinkled dirty clothes. Their is one important take away that can be obtained by all this. That is, that although you rely heavily on the experience and expertise of your photographer it takes teamwork to ensure a complete and successful photoshoot. It’s important to know that as a individual client or hired talent you become part of that team. 


Is this the worlds happiest photo?

Is this the worlds happiest photograph? Some say it is. In 1950 photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt was on assignment for Life magazine covering the famous Michigan State University marching band. He unexpectedly spotted the drum major practicing his high steps on a nearby playing field. Not long after he started snapping, a group of children playing nearby began mimicking and following the drum major. Eisenstaedt stated that the shot was done on impulse. “I saw a little boy run after him” Eisenstaedt recalled. “All of the other children ran after that boy. And I ran after them”. Life Magazine has called the image “Ode to Joy”. Former president Bill Clinton reportedly was gifted a rare original print of this image by Life Magazine. What do you think, is this the happiest photograph ever taken? The image reminds me to be ready to shoot at all times, the importance of being spontaneous and most of all the importance of having fun. 

 Now shut up and shoot.

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